Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Book Review: Rita Longknife: Enemy in Sight by Mike Shepherd

Rita Longknife: Enemy in Sight

Mike Shepherd
Narrator: Dina Pearlman
Series: Jump Universe (Book 6)
Publication: KL & MM Books; 1st edition (August 31, 2017)
Length: 240 p.; 5 hours and 23 minutes

Description: The victory parades are over and half the fleet is back in mothballs. The Navies better start getting them back in Commission! Rita Longknife, commander of the heavy cruiser Exeter, has proof. Proof that there is something else out there. Proof we are not alone in the galaxy. Aboard her ship is evidence that we have blown up an alien ship, and they have blown up one of ours. So far, contact with the aliens is being made by pirates, the worst scum humanity has. How do the right people take over making contact? Is there already too much bad blood between us? Have we already blown first contact?

My Thoughts: The war is over. An age of exploration, using knowledge Ray Longknife gained from a computer on a frontier planet, has begun. It is a wild and wooly time with anyone with a spaceship or any government or corporation that can fund one sending explorers out to try to find a new Earth.

It is also a time when space pirates are out exploring and raiding and pillaging. 

Ray Longknife and his wife Rita are both ministers of Wardhaven's Ministry of Exploration. They are doing their best to get mothballed ships space worthy and sending them out to explore. But too many ships are going missing. So now the Ministry is tasked with finding out what happened to them. 

When a ship comes racing back shouting about aliens, Ray and Rita need to find out if humans have finally actually made contact with an alien race. The only problem is that the first contact has been made by pirates who are much more interested in the alien's gold planet than doing anything diplomatic.

Needless to say, humans haven't made a great first impression. Can Rita, Ray and their various crews find the aliens and make peaceful contact? 

Favorite Quote:
Humanity was not alone. Not anymore. First contact had been made by a bunch of bloody minded pirates looking for loot.
I bought this one. You can buy your copy here.

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