Friday, October 28, 2022

Friday Memes: The Sea King's Daughter by Barbara Michaels

 Happy Friday everybody!

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Friday 56:
Afterward I must have found the house where I had rented a room... Yes, one of the memory fragments concerned the house, and the smiling, motherly Greek lady who owned it. She had shown me the room and brought me water so I could wash. After that -- blank.
This week I am spotlighting a recent addition to my TBR pile. The Sea King's Daughter by Barbara Michaels was first published in 1975. I was a huge fan of this author in the 1970s. I probably read this one then, but the blurb doesn't sound familiar. 

Here is the description from Amazon for this retro read:
Since Sandy Frederick first set foot on the volcanic Greek isle of Thera, this breathtaking place of ancient myth and mystery has haunted her dreams. Joining her estranged, obsessed father on a dive to find astonishing secrets from the ocean's floor, she cannot shake the feeling that she was meant to be here; that some ancient, inscrutable power is calling to her. But there are others who have been eagerly waiting for her arrival to drag her into a tangled and terrifying web of secrets, dark superstition, betrayal, blood, and death. And suddenly Sandy's heritage and her destiny could be her doom.


  1. The Sea King's Daughter looks good. Great quotes too. Enjoy your current read!

  2. That opening line.... awesomesauce! Happy weekend!

  3. I didn't realize Elizabeth Peters and Barbara Michaels were the same person! I love Peters' Amelia Peabody mysteries. This one sounds like a good story, and if I love Amelia Peabody, I expect I'll love this. Thank you for sharing!


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