Friday, March 16, 2012

Book Beginning & Friday 56: A Rising Thunder by David Weber

Happy Friday everybody!!

Book Beginnings

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The Friday 56
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Don’t dig for your favorite book, the coolest, the most intellectual. Use the CLOSEST.

A new book - book number 15 -- has come one in one of the long-running series that I read. A Rising Thunder by David Weber is science fiction. The series centers around Honor Harrington and we have watched her go from a wet behind the years Ensign to a much respected Admiral. Here is the description of the latest adventure:
Peril and strife strike on a double front for Honor Harrington and company. After a brutal attack on the Manticoran home system, Honor Harrington and the Star Kingdom she serves battle back against a new, technologically powerful, and utterly nefarious enemy. And as if that weren’t task enough, Honor must also face down a centuries-old nemesis in the crumbling, but still mighty, Solarian League.

The war between the People’s Republic of Haven and the Star Kingdom is finally won and peace established, but grave danger looms–for there is a plan well on its way to completion designed to enslave the entire human species. Behind that plan lies the shadowy organization known as the Mesan Alignment. 

Task number one for Honor is to defend against another devastating Mesan strike–a strike that may well spell the doom of the Star Kingdom in one fell blow. It is time to shut down and secure the wormhole network that is the source of the Star Kingdom’s wealth and power–but also its greatest vulnerability. Yet this is an act that the Earth-based Solarian League inevitably will take as a declaration of war.  

The thunder of battle rolls as the Solarian League directs its massive power against the Star Kingdom.  And once again, Honor Harrington is thrust into a desperate battle that shemust win if she is to survive to take the fight to the real enemy of galactic freedom–the insidious puppetmasters of war who lurk behind the Mesan Alignment!
"Get your goddamned ships the hell out of my space!"
Friday 56:
There was a much more comfortably and intimately arranged conversational nook in the angle of the palatial office's picture windows, looking out over the towers and canyons of Old Chicago. That was where Kolokoltsov met with visitors when he was prepared to pretend other star nations were truly the Solarian League's peers.

I like a good space opera every once in a while and I can always depend on Weber to have a great blend of adventure and intrigue in his stories.


  1. The beginning sounds angry, while the p. 56 sounds so proper, as it describes the decor. The narrator sounds very much in control here. The mention of pretense is a hint of what might lie ahead.


  2. I like how you describe this as space opera! Sounds like an interesting series :)

  3. WOW, book 15, it must be a decent series!

  4. Hi Kathy,

    Sorry, but this is another book that I wouldn't be rushing out for, because of its genre, although I do like the cover art on many of the science fiction novels, it is always very stark and striking somehow.

    Your lines from page 56 were brilliant, very descriptive, with that hint of menace right at the end.


  5. Not a Science Fiction fan, but I like the first sentence nevertheless.


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