Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Memes: Dangerous Games by Tess Diamond

Happy Friday everybody!
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"We have to be quiet."

Her sister's voice trembled, but her bound hands were steady, pressed against Maggie's shoulder. In the darkness, Erica's touch anchored and soothed her. But it couldn't drive away the fear, thick in the back of her throat.
Friday 56:
"What?" Adrianna demanded. "We have to tell her the truth! She's in charge. And anyway, maybe Lucas knows something! Kayla could, like, die, Becky. She's diabetic. She needs insulin, remember? And that's like, if she wasn't human-trafficked or something."
This week I am spotlighting Dangerous Games by Tess Diamond. The author approached me on GoodReads and asked if I wanted to read her self-published book. I liked the book description and said I would read it. Here is the description that sucked me in:
A thirteen year-old girl has been taken - and Special Agent Maggie Kincaid is the only one who can get her back.

When a Senator’s daughter goes missing, every minute counts. The FBI’s best hostage negotiator, Agent Kincaid, knows what it’s like to be a terrified victim. Kidnapped as a child, those memories haunt her every day - and give her an insight into the evil mind behind this deadly crime.

But the Senator’s family has other plans, and have brought in ex-forces security expert Jake O’Connor to oversee negotiations. He’s got secrets of his own, and doesn’t play by the same rule book. With time running out, Maggie and O’Connor will have to overcome their differences to keep this case from ending in tragedy.


  1. This sounds really good! I'm adding it to my list- love both the beginning and the 56. Here's my Friday post

  2. Definitely sounds like an intense read....thanks for sharing, and here's mine: “REMEMBER MIA”

  3. Even the cover is intense. Love simple covers that convey what's inside. This sounds like one I would love. Thanks for sharing.
    sherry @ fundinmental Friday Memes

  4. I am on the fence over this one. I do not like super intense stories but I would consider trying this one. Happy Friday!

  5. This sound interesting, I might have to add this to my TBR. Thanks for sharing and for stopping by our blog.
    -Shon @ Tangled ‘N’ Books

  6. Sounds pretty intense! Hope you're enjoying it!

  7. This sounds really intense and like a serious page turner!

  8. It seems to involve the reader immediately.

  9. Sounds like a highly emotional read! Happy weekend!

  10. Sound like a very tension filled book.

  11. OOH, sounds like a great crime/suspense novel. :)

  12. Sounds as if it will be quite intense.


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  13. Sounds awesome! I'm adding it to my tbr.

    It's so cool when an author approaches you like that. :)

    Check out my Music Monday and Friday 56 (With Book Beginnings).


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