Monday, November 2, 2015

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? (Nov. 2, 2015)

It's Monday, What Are You Reading? was a meme hosted by Sheila at Book Journey. She has decided to pass it on to Kathryn at The Book Date.

It’s Monday!  What Are You Reading is where we gather to share what we have read this past week and what we plan to read this week.  It is a great way to network with other bloggers, see some wonderful blogs, and put new titles on your reading list.

Other Than Reading...

This has been another quiet week. It is definitely fall-like. The skies are gray and there is rain or drizzle almost every day. It should make for quality reading time but, since I discovered Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook, I have spent hours upon hours trying to rack up high scores and meet challenges. Of course, I've been watching the World Series too. What that means is I'm not getting much reading done. It doesn't help that the book I decided to read this week wasn't very good at keeping my interest.

I have been working at paring down my TBR mountains. I have filled four brown paper grocery bags with adult books that I don't think I'll ever read. I have also filled three bags of YA for my high school media center and half a bag of Middle Grade books for my elementary media center. I am down to only 466 print adult books and 176 print young adult books including review copies. Of course, if you add back the Kindle books and SYNC audio books I've accumulated, my To Read stack number 1952. It is just nice to get under 2000. 101 of the books have been on the stack since before February 2008.

October was a good reading month. I read 23 books with 7660 pages. Thirteen of the books were from my TBR mountains and the other ten were review books.

Read Last Week
The Secrets of the Heart by Kasey Michaels was a Regency romance that had been sitting on TBR mountain since 2008. It was a pretty good story that owed a lot to THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL for its hero. My review will be posted on December 19.

Of Noble Family by Mary Robinette Kowal is the final book in her Glamourist Histories.

Next Week
Closer to the Heart by Mercedes Lackey is her most recent Valdemar book.

Haunting Investigation by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro is a mystery and a review book I got from NetGalley.
I chose another two anthologies from my stack with the intention of reading just the stories by authors I already read (unless something looks really good). Both have been on my stack for quite a while.
Reviews Posted
Want to See What I Added to My Stack Last Week?
I bought one Kindle Daily Deal this week. Sherlock Holmes: The Stuff of Nightmares by James Lovegrove was $.99 on Saturday. I like Sherlock Holmes stories and thought I'd give this author a try.

To see what Young Adult books I have been reading and plan to read, check out Ms. Martin Teaches Media - my other blog.


  1. Oh, the purge goes on....mine is ongoing, too, and I haven't counted my physical books lately, but I'll bet I'm in the 400 range now, down from 1435.

    I don't worry about the e-books...they rest in the cloud, with just a few on Pippa...LOL.

    Enjoy your books! Here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES

  2. What I hate about a game (computer) is that I don't notice the time going and suddenly its hours! So I don't touch the Facebook ones.
    Good to be passing on some books you most likely would never read. Cleansing and someone will read them hopefully. Like the look of The Secrets of the Heart.

  3. Disciplined of you to keep it real with your TBR piles. I'm sure the donations will be greatly appreciated by others.

  4. Those are all totally new to me reads!

    I got obsessed with Bejeweled on phone awhile back. Then another app or 2 started controlling me and I haven't played in awhile.

    Here's my Monday Wrapup

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  5. I used to play Bejeweled and a couple of other games but I got a tad obsessed so now I steer clear lol. Well done on the book clearing, I must do another purge for the K-Mart Christmas Tree. Have a great week and happy reading!

  6. You had a great month in October! I've been trying to clean out the shelves and trim down the tbr piles, too... it'a an ongoing process.

  7. You had a great month in October! I've been trying to clean out the shelves and trim down the tbr piles, too... it'a an ongoing process.

  8. I purged my book collection drastically when I downsized to a smaller house. Lots of trips to the charity shop. I'm slowly building up my library again one e-book at a time. Love those 99 cent deals.

    Enjoy your new Sherlock Holmes and the rest of your books.

  9. It makes me feel so good to hear you say you are happy your TBR is under 2000! Non-readers would find that hilarious, I think!

    Enjoy your week!

  10. As you saw, my week didn't include as much reading as usual either. Some of the books you've featured look interesting to me - particularly The Secrets of the Heart and the Sherlock Holmes story. Happy Reading!

  11. I periodically try to cut down on my TBR and donate books I know I will never read. But, then I start procrastinating and never finish.

    My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding looks so good.

    I hope you enjoy your books and have a great week!

  12. ENJOY your reading week.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Silver's Reviews
    My It's Monday, What Are You Reading


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