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Book Review: Dead Run by P. J. Tracy

Dead Run
Author: P. J. Tracy
Series: Monkeewrench (Book 3)
Publication: G.P. Putnam's Sons (April 4, 2006)

Description: Computer game company founders Grace MacBride and Annie Belinsky—along with Wisconsin deputy Sharon Mueller—are en route to Green Bay, following reports of a serial killer, when their car breaks down deep in the northern woods. A short walk through the forest leads them to the eerily quiet town of Four Corners, where they find severed phone lines and a complete absence of any life. But the quiet is deceptive. Before they know it, they witness a horrifying double murder—and discover that this is only the beginning of a race to save their own lives…and countless others.

My Thoughts: A road trip goes horribly wrong when Grace, Annie and Deputy Sharon Mueller leave from the Cities for Green Bay to use Monkeewrench's new computer program to help solve a troubling crime. But when car trouble leaves them stranded, a walk to the nearest town leaves all sorts of questions.

Four Corners is suspiciously silent. There is no one there and the town looks scrubbed clean. With all the phone lines cut and in a dead spot in cellphone coverage in very rural Wisconsin, the women have no way to call for help. And they need help badly. They have run into some sort of military operation.

We know what happened in Four Corners. There was an accident with a milk truck the loosed nerve gas that killed all the people there. And a group came in to sanitize the scene before their dastardly plot could be discovered and stopped.

Meanwhile, Magozzi, Rolseth, and Harley and Roadrunner from the Monkeewrench crew are getting very concerned when they don't hear from the women. Sheriff Halloran is also concerned when he can't contact Sharon. He has a mystery of his own when three bodies are pulled from a local quarry which is a hang-out spot for teens. The three had been killed execution style. Before he can identify them, the FBI sweep in and claim the bodies.

The story is divided between the women who are trying to get out of Four Quarters and the men who are trying to find them. The suspense kept building to a very dramatic conclusion. I love the variety of mysteries in this series. This time the focus is on domestic terrorists which is a very timely topic in a book written in 2006.

Favorite Quote:
"You've been on road trips with men?" Annie asked from the backseat, immediately intrigued.

"A couple. I wouldn't recommend it, though. Guys have this thing about getting from point A to point B as fast as possible. No side trips. They never want to stop and look at anything. And they never have to go to the bathroom either."

"Yeah, yeah, I know all that, but who'd you go on a road trip with? Sheriff Halloran?"

"God, no. Elias McFarressey. He played the accordion, among other things."

Annie's jaw dropped. "You dated a man who played the accordion?"
"It was Wisconsin. You kind of had to be there."
I bought this one. You can buy your copy here.

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