Friday, May 17, 2019

Friday Memes: Very Bad Deaths by Spider Robinson

Happy Friday everybody!
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I was fifty-four years old the first time a dead person spoke to me. Wouldn't you know it? It was the wrong one.
Friday 56:
However lame, corny, dopey, cheesey or full of shit you may have imagined a Police Community Services Trailer to be, I assure you the reality is several orders of magnitude worse on all counts. I fell asleep on an air mattress under the dangerous drugs display, feeling genuinely sorry for her.
This week I am spotlighting Very Bad Deaths by Spider Robinson. This is one of the books that has been on my TBR mountain since 2008. Here is the description from Amazon:

Blind to the beauty of his island home in Canada, shattered by the death of his wife of 32 years, American expatriate Russell Walker is ready to join her. But Smelly won't let him!

Smelly—notorious for his refusal to bathe—was Russell's college roommate back in 1967. He's lived a hermit's life ever since, and only Russell knows why: Smelly reads minds, can't help it—and it hurts. After all these years, Russell is still the only person Smelly can stand to be near. And now Smelly urgently needs an intermediary with the police—suicidal or not.

He's learned that a serial sadist who would terrify Ted Bundy is at play in the Vancouver area. Unfortunately, he's got only scraps of information that aren't enough to ID either the killer or his next victims. And he can't even come close enough to a cop to tell his story.

Against his better judgment, Russell brings this unlikely tale to Constable Nika Mandic, a tough but unlucky Vancouver policewoman—and soon the mild-mannered Sixties survivor finds himself conspiring with a telepathic hermit and an uptight cop to track a monster to his lair.

But are the three together smart enough to stalk a creature who thinks of himself as the first true scientist of cruelty If not, Russell's suicidal urges may be fulfilled sooner—and much less painlessly—than he planned. . . .


  1. Both snippets made me laugh. Sounds like such a fun read! Happy Victoria Day weekend!

  2. Just the title and the name of the author make me want to try this out!

    Lauren @ Always Me


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