Sunday, March 28, 2010

Short Take Reviews (3)

Wolf Games (Granite Lake Wolves, Book 3)
Author: Vivian Arend
Publication: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. (March 23, 2010) (Kindle)

I love the Warning labels for these Samhain books. Here is the one for this book: Contains uber-sexy werewolves of Russian descent, reluctant mates and exotic travels through the Yukon wilderness. Includes sarcasm and hot nookie under the Midnight Sun. This very short novel was a fun, quick read. Maggie meets Eric on the way to spend time with her sister (from Book 2). She has been denying her wolf because of the trauma she faced dealing with the same evil Alpha as her sister did. Eric is the pack Beta and recognizes her as his mate. He is completely different than the wolf pack she knew. He helps her adjust and they fall in love.

Mind Games
Publication: Spectra; Original edition (March 23, 2010)

This is a debut novel by a fellow Minnesotan. It is also a paranormal with an interesting twist. The heroine is a hypochondriac who is certain that she is about to die. She joins a group of other strange talents because it helps her deal with her hypochondria. Quote:
"You want to join now? You're sure about it?"
"Yes, quite." I say this nonchalantly, as if I'm accepting a mint bonbon from a butler instead of a new vigilante lifestyle from a slightly maniacal mutant.
The unusual talents of the heroine is not the only twist in this one. This was an interesting story about a world where paranormal talents are disbelieved by the general public but characters with them control much of the society. I guessed wrong about who the heroine would romance and am eager for the next one to see if her choice works out.

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