Friday, March 19, 2010

Short Take Reviews

I have been doing a bunch of reading this week of books that I don't want to spend too much time reviewing. I'd rather read the next book on my stack.
Local Custom by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller is an old favorite of mine. It is a science fiction romance between two characters from different cultures. I love the romance as two characters with strong senses of honor and strong love for each other try to overcome misunderstandings and forge a lasting romance. Anne Davis is a scholar of Linguistics who specializes in looking for the roots of language. She has studied Liaden literature. Er Thom yosGalan is a Liaden from a very powerful Clan. He is a pilot and a Master Trader. They meet when she is on a research fellowship and he is escorting a trade mission. They fall in love but separate. The story begings when Er Thom travels to see Anne to tell her that he loves her before he returns home to fulfill his duty to his Clan by marrying another woman. When he sees Anne, he is surprised that she has had his child and not  told him. Cultural misunderstandings occur.
Wolf Signs (Granite Lake Wolves, Book 1) by Vivien Arend is a paranormal erotic romance. Robin, who is deaf, is camping in the wilderness when Keil and his brother TJ come to stay at the same camp. Keil and TB are werewolves and recognize Robin as one too. Robin did not know she was a wolf. Keil also recongnizes Robin as his mate. There are touches of humor provided by TJ and hot romance provided by Robin and Keil. There is also some danger as Keil has to fight to be alpha of his pack and the other alpha contender is willing to ambush Keil so that the fight goes his way.
Scandal Sheet by Gemma Halliday is a cute contemporary romance. Tina is a gossip columnist for a Hollywood tabloid. One of the stars she has written about threatens her. Her boss hires a hunky bodyguard and Tina is off to try to figure out which star has it in for her. There are humorous elements. Tina is perfectly willing to tell outrageous lies to get to the bottom of the case. She lives with an elderly aunt, who is having memory issues and is very hard of hearing, in a retirement village. She has an IM boyfriend she calls the Man in Black.
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  1. I like your reviews!

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  2. I really prefer the shorter reviews like you've done here! Nice!!

  3. Nice reviews, it makes a nice change to read short ones sometimes - I'll have to give that a try with some of the books I don't usually bother reviewing at all :o)


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