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Review: Death Echo by Elizabeth Lowell

Death Echo
Author: Elizabeth Lowell
Publication: William Morrow; 1 edition (June 8, 2010)

Description: New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Lowell cuts a new edge in suspense with this thrilling tale of passion, danger, and international intrigue in which a pair of former operatives must stop a deadly plot that threatens a major American city—and ultimately the world

When she joined St. Kilda's, the elite security consulting firm, Emma Cross thought she'd left behind the blood, the guilt, and the tribal wars that defined her life at the CIA. Yet, trading spying for investigating yacht thefts didn't alleviate the danger—or melt away her professional paranoia. Now, the same good instincts that got her into trouble at the agency might be what will help her survive her latest case.

With some arm-twisting, St. Kilda and Emma are tracking a yacht named Blackbird, a dead ringer for another ship that went missing somewhere between Vladivostok and Portland a year earlier. Emma knows the boat's intended cargo is lethal. What she needs to find out is whether it's biological, chemical, or fissionable. And she's only got seven days to uncover the truth . . . or a major American city will be lost.

Fortunately, she's working with a new partner as menacing and distrustful as the worst enemy she's ever faced—and as deadly. A honed killer, MacKenzie Durand led a special ops team that was deployed to some of the world's nastiest places. But five years ago everything went to hell in Afghanistan, when bad intel hung his team out to dry. The only survivor, Mac walked away and never looked back, preferring to make money sailing high-end boats like Blackbird.

But Emma and Mac aren't the only eyes watching Blackbird. Taras Demidov, an expert in extortion and execution in the pay of the oligarchs running the former Soviet Union, is also waiting in the shadows, determined to intercept a fearsomely powerful arms dealer with the money, weaponry, and connections to alter the geopolitical balance.

Thrown together by an organization of enemies with global ties more dangerous than either of them realize, Mac and Emma must put aside their growing attraction for each other to save more than just their own lives. In a deadly game where the rules change without warning and the line between friend and foe is blurred, the pair must find answers fast—or watch as innocent civilians are sacrificed in a cold-blooded grab for power and supremacy. And even Mac and Emma aren't sure just who will get to the finish line alive. . . .

A breathtaking tale of passion and danger, Death Echo is superb entertainment from the queen of suspense, New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Lowell.

My Thoughts: Great thriller. The summary pretty much tells the story. Mac is a transfer captain who is piloting the Blackbird until relieved by the boat's owner. Emma works for St. Kilda's and the insurance company trying to find out why expensive yachts are disappearing in "accidents". The boat is a focal point for all sorts of intrigue. It is supposed to be carrying something that could cause the destruction of an American city. The FBI, the CIA, and Russian and Georgian intelligence are all on the trail and all trying to send disinformation to the other groups. St. Kilda's gets roped into the deal but Emma and Mac are the people on the scene. Emma and Mac don't know who they can trust. The book is filled with tension and intrigue. 

The relationship between Emma  and Mac begins as a relationship of competent professionals who need to work together. Both have been involved with intelligence with Emma at the CIA and Mac in Special Ops. But both have left that work to try to find some peace. They are strongly attracted to each other but are well able to ignore the attraction until the time is right. But the attraction was hot and so was the romance. 

It was also good to see some of the other familiar characters from St. Kilda's again. I am a fan of Grace and Faroe. I just wish we could have seen more of Lane.

Favorite Quote:
And the captain. He was a big, rangy male with a saltwater tan and a dark, closely cropped black beard. His hair was equally short beneath a battered baseball cap. A faded black T-shirt tucked into his close-fitting, worn jeans.

I recommend this book for lovers of thriller who want a little romance with there intrigue.

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