Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Review: Blood Song by Cat Adams

Blood Song
Author: Cat Adams
Publication: Tor Books (June 8, 2010)

Description: Bodyguard Celia Graves has definitely accepted her share of weird assignments, both human and supernatural. But her newest job takes the cake. Guarding a Prince from terrorists and religious fundamentalists is hard enough, but it seems like the entire supernatural world is after this guy too. When she is betrayed by those she is employed to help, and everything goes horribly wrong, Celia wakes to find herself transformed. 

Neither human nor vampire, Celia has become an Abomination—something that should not exist—and now both human and supernatural alike want her dead. With the help of a few loyal friends—a sexy mage, a powerful werewolf, and a psychic cop—Celia does her best to stay alive. On the run from her enemies, Celia must try to discover who is behind her transformation…before it’s too late.

My Thoughts: This was a great urban fantasy. Celia is a bodyguard in a world where she is somewhat unusual because she doesn't have psychic powers or ability to do magic. She thinks of herself as a plain vanilla human. 

However, she gets mixed up in all sorts of magic and political intrigue when she is hired to guard a prince. Things go wrong immediately and she is almost turned into a vampire. She is rescued and treatment is given but she becomes an "abomination". She looks like a vampire with fangs and really pale skin, has to fight blood cravings and anger issues but she hasn't lost her personality. Vampires are objects of fear and Celia is constantly having to maneuver to keep out of some sort of imprisonment or keep from being executed.

She finds that she has been targeted by a demon. Her best friend Vicky who was a clairvoyant is killed leaving Celia reeling with grief while trying to untangle the intrigue. She is assisted by her former fiancé Bruno and and other friends with a variety of psychic skills including werewolves, mages and warrior priests.

I liked the variety of magic in this story. Through it all Celia is a tough, competent professional with a strong sense of ethics and loyalty to her friends. 

There is a lot of the back story that we don't know. We just get tantalizing hints in this book. Why did she and Bruno break up? What is going on with Kevin? What happened when she was a child that that caused her to be tortured and her sister killed?

The shocker at the end makes me very eager to read the sequel.

Favorite Quote:
"I'll be fine." It was a lie. Fine had gone for a long vacation somewhere along with my sanity. But I was alive, and here, and I damned well needed to get my shit together if I was going to survive this. And I intended to.
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  1. This one calls to me, I love the synopsis and your review makes me even more excited...though cliff hanger endings always get to me! :)

  2. I received this one just last friday!
    Great review, now, I´m even more eager to read it!
    I love cliffhangers and unanswered questions, so it semms just like the book for me!

  3. I love the favorite quote thing - I have just started finding them in my reads too! Oh - quick heads up - saw on a blog that both Darkfever and Kiss Me Deadly are free for the Kindle. The blog was What book is that? Just thought I would give you the heads up too.

  4. great review of the book and very interesting world


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