Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Review: Honeymoon of the Dead by Tate Hallaway

Honeymoon of the Dead
Author: Tate Hallaway
Publication: Berkley Trade; 1 edition (May 4, 2010)

Description: The latest in the bewitching series from the author of Dead if I Do 

In wintry Wisconsin, occult bookseller-and witch-Garnet Lacey isn't immune to the cold. But even though her new vampire husband doesn't actually have a pulse, love will keep them warm-if the honeymoon doesn't drive them apart. 

Thanks to a vengeful frost demon, instead of a gothic honeymoon in Transylvania, Garnet and Sebastian are stuck in exotic Minneapolis, Minnesota. And with gods and goddesses running amok all over town, Garnet can't seem to find much quality time for her new hubby...

My Thoughts: If something can go wrong on a honeymoon, Garnet and Sebastian experience it. They start out their trip to Transylvania stuck on the runway at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport waiting for the wings to be de-iced. Only it isn't ordinary ice, it is Fonn the Frost Giant. They get off the plane but then get into trouble with Homeland Security and immigration. 

This was Garnet's old home town and she is eager to show Sebastian around. But old boyfriends, stalkers and various bad guys intervene. Garnet is also being torn between the two goddesses who are her patrons. Does she want to stay in a relationship with Lilith or does she want to pledge herself to Athena? Both of them are fighting over her body and causing illness and blackouts.

Sebastian is staked by a stray vampire hunter, is jailed, and nearly goes feral from blood loss. Garnet is kidnapped. This is not the honeymoon of anyone's dream.

This is the last in the Garnet Lacey series. But I have already ordered her first book in her new YA series - the Vampire Princess of St. Paul - Almost to Die For. I recommend this series for those who like their paranormals lighter and with a definite sense of place.

Favorite Quote:
Just then, from out of the shadows of the parked cars, someone approached. "You there!" he shouted, carrying a baseball bat. "Get away from her!"

I blinked. The menacing figure approaching almost looked like James Something, except, you know, I couldn't be sure. Which I guess meant it was him.
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  1. This sounds like a fun, light reading. I'll keep this in mind.

    Here from the CEP.

  2. I'm here from the CEP.

    This book looks awesome! I have never heard of this series before, but I added it to my wishlist. Thanks!

  3. Oh my gosh! This book really sounds interesting. That wont be my dream haneymoon!

  4. Sounds like a fun series. thanks for letting me know about it

  5. This is certainly the kind of vampire books I've never really come across before. And I've to say that I love hearing that the words "fun" and "vampires" being used on the same line!

  6. This sounds like a neat twist on a popular theme. Thank you for the review!

  7. I really like this series, this is the last one I need to catch up on (and I'm sad that it's the last in the series as well). Great review.
    Here from CEP


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