Friday, July 2, 2010

True Blood Marathon

I think I love True Blood. I am just finishing a True Blood Marathon.

Here's the story. I have read the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris for years. I think the books are great and am really eager to read them as they come out.

When I heard that the series was going to be a television series I was interested. When I heard it was going to be on HBO I was less excited because I don't get HBO. I read lots of blogs where people talked about the series and said it was good.

I bought the first season as soon as it was available on DVD but then just didn't watch it. I said I would watch an episode while I walked on my treadmill. Of course, I hate walking on my treadmill and so I only watched the first episode. Then the DVDs just sat. I bought season 2 as soon as it came out too. I brought both seasons home with me for my summer vacation and they were sitting in my boxes of books until yesterday.

A friend came to visit and I threw in the first DVD to watch with her. We both got hooked. We watched the first six episodes before she had to leave. I watched another two before bedtime. I got up this morning and have watched another two already. I am on the last disk of season one.

These stories are interesting. I don't however remember as much sex and nudity in the books as there are in the series. I like the portrayal of Sookie. She seems very like the Sookie of the early books. Thus far, Bill is like the books too. I really like Sam though my friend and I both thought that he seemed too young. We were thinking that the book Sam was older. The new characters - Tara and Amy - add interesting story lines.

And I still have season 2 to go. I think I'll wait a while though. I haven't read more than a few pages since Tuesday. What do you think? Do you like the series?


  1. I love True Blood and I love all the books except I haven't read the newest one. Season two I didn't care for as much because for me it deviated from the books way to much, but I'm watching the third season now, and so far it is WAY better than season two.

  2. I love True Blood too but having been able to watch some of the newer episodes. Great post!

  3. I love both the books and the series. I find season 2 better than 1 and season 3 even better than both 1 & 2!! Keep watching, you won't be disappointed!

    I have a cover wars you would probably be interested in! :


  4. I'm really enjoying the series too! I'm halfway through season 2 and I think it's better, having more Eric and my new favorite character Sarah Newlin. I'm reading the first book in the series now too. I like that it's a lot lighter (basically no swearing or violence) but I can see why they made some of the changes they did, especially in order to ensure longevity.

  5. I am a True Blood lunatic! I have read all the books 3 times and I have Never missed an episode! What do you think of Eric? I am in LOVE with Eric in the book and I love the actor they chose to play him! I agree though, some of the stuff in the 2nd season was weird...but it gets better!

  6. I'm one in the minority who loves the books - read the entire series well before the TV show came out - and was so excited for the show but found it a huge disappointment. It's too different from the books. I like the portrayal of Sookie but so much of the other stuff in the show is very different from the books. Oh, well, I still enjoy the books. Glad you're having fun and if it keeps you on that treadmill, that


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