Thursday, October 25, 2012

ARC Review: Edge of Oblivion by J. T. Geissinger

Edge of Oblivion
Author: J. T. Geissinger
Publication: Montlake Romance (October 2, 2012)

Description: Morgan Montgomery is waiting to die. Branded a traitor by her tribe, the Ikati shape-shifter has no hope for mercy--until Jenna, the Ikati's newly crowned queen and Morgan's former ally, offers one last chance for redemption. Morgan must infiltrate the Rome headquarters of the Expurgari, the Ikati's ancient enemy, to destroy them once and for all. The beautiful renegade has just a fortnight to complete her mission or forfeit her life. Because she does not travel alone...

Xander Luna is a trained assassin and the Ikati's most feared enforcer, famed for his swift brutality and stony heart. Fiercely loyal, he is prepared to hate the traitor under his watch--until they come face to face. For Morgan arouses something unexpected inside of him, something that threatens everything he believes in and the fate of the tribe itself: a love as powerful and passionate as it is forbidden.

My Thoughts: Fans of the paranormal and shifters in particular will enjoy this exciting story that combines danger and romance. Morgan has been sentenced to death for actions she took that endangered her secretive Ikati colony. Her one chance to save her life requires her to go to Rome and locate the Expurgari who are her tribes ancient enemies.

Morgan doesn't travel alone though. Accompanying her is Xander Luna who is one of a small number of assassins who act as the Ikati's enforcers. If she doesn't find the Expurgari in fourteen days, Xander will kill her. Almost as soon as they get to Rome they find what they think is a feral Ikati but soon learn that he is the head of a secret hidden colony based in the catacombs under the Vatican.

Between falling in love as possibly the most star-crossed lovers ever and trying to find the colony of Ikati, Xander and Morgan are kept very busy. We learn much about the barbaric and brutal lives of the Ikati and the role of women in the culture as we see Morgan struggling to live free or die and see Eliana who is a princess of the hidden Ikati but who has never been allowed to leave the catacombs. 

I couldn't help but contrast this title with some of the other books about shifters I have read. This one is definitely more violent and more restrictive. The draconian methods used to keep the Ikati colonies hidden were brutal and unforgiving. 

I recommend this one and the first book in the series - Shadow's Edge - to fans of darker paranormals.

Favorite Quote:
"In the end, everything matters" was his cryptic response. "The big triumphs and failures are what we most remember, but all the little mindless moments, all the forgotten details of your life matter, too. It all matters, because it all adds up to who you really are."
I received this ARC as an unsolicited review copy. You can buy your copy here.

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