Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Memes: Rancher's Deadly Risk by Rachel Lee

Happy Friday everybody!
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This Friday I am spotlighting a book I recently received from NetGalley. Rancher's Deadly Risk by Rachel Lee is a Conard County book and is in the Harlequin Romantic Suspense series. I used to read Rachel Lee and especially her Conard County books all the time but haven't now for a few years. I am eager to reacquaint myself with this author and series.
Here is the description:
In these rugged mountains, Cassie thought she'd finally found the small-town welcome she's been looking for her whole life. But after she stops some school bullies, suddenly the rest of this close-knit community isn't acting so friendly. The threats begin, and this schoolteacher has nowhere to turn for help—until a rugged, mysterious rancher steps in.

Lincoln Blair has been drawn to Cassie from day one. That's why he's avoiding the too-tempting new teacher—he knows from experience that outsiders get bored and leave. Still, he just can't help wanting to protect Cassie when trouble starts. As her danger grows, Linc realizes it's his heart he's forgotten to safeguard….
Cassoe Greaves felt the winter nip in the Conard County air as she left her small rental house to head for school.
Friday 56:
Plenty of guys had made passes at her. Full-figured but not ugly was her pronouncement. Problem was, she didn't quite believe the "not ugly" part.

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  1. Sad to think of yourself that way. I hope she gains more confidence by the end of the book.


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