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It's Monday, What Are You Reading? (Oct. 22, 2012)

It's Monday, What Are You Reading? is a meme hosted by Sheila at Book Journey.

It’s Monday!  What Are You Reading, is where we gather to share what we have read this past week and what we plan to read this week.  It is a great way to network with other bloggers, see some wonderful blogs, and put new titles on your reading list.

I had a massive reading week this past week in large part because, when I saw the doctor Monday morning, she told me to go home and rest and then prescribed an antibiotic that acted like caffeine. No daytime sleeping = lots of reading time.

I finished:
Rancher's Deadly Risk by Rachel Lee was a romantic suspense title I got from NetGalley. This one had a bullying theme that almost overpowered the romance but was still a pleasant book. My review will be posted on Oct. 27 but the book is available now.

Edge of Oblivion by J. T. Geissinger was an unsolicited review copy that was also a good paranormal romance though the shifter society was a little on the brutal side for me. My review will be posted on Oct. 25  but the book is available now.
Full Disclosure by Dee Henderson was a review book I got through LibraryThing's Early Reviewer program.  This romantic suspense title spent a lot more time talking about each character's relationship with God than I am comfortable with in a book. The heroine was a very unique character. My review is here.

Dangerous Affairs by Diana Miller was one of my recent Amazon Vine picks. I really liked this romantic suspense title in part because it was set in Minnesota and also because both of the main characters were really nice people. My review will be posted on Nov. 1.
Silent Revenge by Laura Landon featured the kind of female lead that is seldom seen. She was deaf and trying to hide it from the society she feared would shun her because of her handicap. This one also had a particularly nasty villain. My review is here

The Shadow Society by Marie Rutkoski was a young adult science fiction story that I got from Macmillan. It features alternate worlds and a heroine who didn't know she was not a human. It also features a really nice romance. My review will be posted on Nov. 1.
Beta by Rachel Cohn was also a young adult science fiction story. This one came from NetGalley. I enjoyed this exploration of a future dystopia where clones were created to be slaves. My review will be posted on Oct. 27. The book is available now.

Crewel by Gennifer Albin was a science fiction/dystopia that I received from Macmillan. I especially like the main character in this one and am eager to follow along with this series. It also has an interesting love triangle. My review will be posted on Oct. 25. The book is available now.
I am currently reading Dark Star by Bethany Frenette. This young adult paranormal is set in Minnesota and features a character whose mother is a superhero. 

Next week there are four books on my stack that will finally finish all of the books I had for review in October. (Somehow I committed myself to read 22 review books in October!)
Dead Spots by Melissa F. Olson is an Amazon Vine pick. It is also a romantic suspense title and the only adult book left on my October stack. 

The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa is a young adult paranormal/fantasy. I have wanted to read this one since I got it from NetGalley on August 1. It has finally made it to the top of my review stack.
I also have Sapphire Blue by Kerstin Gier which I have wanted to read since I finished Ruby Red and have had on my stack since June 21. I got this young adult time travel story from Macmillan.

Dead Girl Moon by Charlie Price is also an ARC I got from Macmillan. This young adult mystery will be released on Oct. 30 and sounds really good.

What do you have planned for this week?


  1. Wow! You got a lot accomplished! Yay for getting through all 22 of your October review books!

    I loooved The Lost Prince! Have to buy me a keeper copy! Also still need to read Ruby Red before I purchase Sapphire Blue!

    Nice lineup! Hope you enjoy all your reads!

    Here's my Monday Wrapup

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  2. Impressive list! Some I haven't heard of.. but sound great, I'm adding it to my list!
    Here's what I'm reading
    Good Reading!

  3. Wow! Color me super impressed! That's a lot that you accomplished! :)

    Happy Reading!

  4. Beta looks really good, just added it to my tbr list :)

  5. Been seeing Crewel a lot today. The all look really good.

  6. Way to go - hope you enjoyed them all. Love the cover for Edge of Oblivion, and it sounds really interesting too. Crewel is also on my reading list.

    Tanya Patrice

  7. I haven't heard of any of these except the Lost Prince. Happy reading! Thanks for stopping by my blog ~ Fantasy Book Chick.

  8. Goodness! That medicine sure did help winnow down your to be read list, didn't it?!


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