Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Memes: Skin of the Wolf by Sam Cabot

Happy Friday everybody!
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This week I am spotlighting Skin of the Wolf by Sam Cabot. This book is a recent arrival on my TBR mountain. I don't remember what made me decide to buy this thriller. It is a complete mystery. Here is the description:
Sam Cabot is the pseudonym of Carlos Dews and S.J. Rozan. In Sam Cabot’s exhilarating new novel, a vicious murder in Sotheby’s begins a series of inexplicable events surrounding an Iroquois ritual mask—and a secret that could unleash the most terrifying chaos and destruction the world has ever seen.

Months after Father Thomas Kelly, art historian Livia Pietro, and scholar Spencer George found themselves racing through Rome in a desperate effort to locate and preserve an incalculably valuable docu-ment, the three are about to be reunited in New York City. Thomas, still trying to assimilate what he learned—that vam¬pires exist, and that Livia and Spencer are among them—is looking forward to seeing Livia again. Livia is excited to be allowed into the back room of Sotheby’s for an exclusive viewing of an ancient Iroquois mask. And Spencer’s in love. But before the three can meet, Spencer is badly injured when he’s inexplicably attacked in Central Park—by a wolf.

That same night, a Sotheby’s employee is found brutally murdered. Steps from her body is the mysterious native mask, undamaged amid the wreckage of a struggle. As rumors begin to swirl around the sacred object, Thomas, Livia, and Spencer are plunged deep into a world where money, Native American lore, and the history of the Catholic Church collide. They uncover an alarming secret: The wolf is a shapeshifter, and the mask contains a power that, if misused, could destroy millions of lives with the next full moon.

In Skin of the Wolf,  Sam Cabot masterfully blends historical fact, backroom conspiracy, and all-encompassing alternate reality as the Noantri discover they aren't the only humans set apart by their natures—there are Others.
What he could do, only he could do.
Friday 56:
Spencer supposed that understanding something was possible and seeing it happen were two different things, but the priest had seen Noantri healing on a smaller scale the day Spencer met him, and he had no business standing in the doorway with his mouth open.


  1. Dear Kathy,
    Thanks for your mention of SKIN OF THE WOLF. SJ Rozan (the other half of Sam Cabot) and I appreciate the attention. I hope you enjoy it. Keep up the good blogging.
    Carlos Dews (one half of Sam Cabot)

  2. Love that cryptic opening sentence. I'd be compelled to read more! Sometimes I open books on my Kindle and wonder what inspired me to order them (an excerpt on Friday56 or Book Beginnings?) Then I start reading and I'm glad I did. I hope the same thing happens to you with this book.
    My Friday post features BEAUTIFUL RUINS.

  3. I really LOVE that cover. That alone pulled me in!
    Happy weekend!

  4. The opening and your 56 are both excellent. I think this is on my TBR. Looks familiar. I think I added it after reading Blood Oath by Christopher Farnsworth. I'm going to check further about this one.
    Here is my 56 -


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