Wednesday, May 27, 2015

ARC Review: Night of the Highland Dragon by Isabel Cooper

Night of the Highland Dragon
Author: Isabel Cooper
Series: Highland Dragons
Publication: Sourcebooks Casablanca (June 2, 2015)

Description: "They say," said the girl, "that people disappear up there. And I heard that the lady doesna' ever grow any older."

"The lady?" William asked.

"Lady MacAlasdair. She lives in the castle, and she's been there years, but she stays young and beautiful forever."

In the Scottish Highlands, legend is as powerful as the sword-and nowhere is that more true than in the remote village of Loch Aranoch. Its mysterious ruler, Judith MacAlasdair, is fiercely protective of her land-and her secrets. If anyone were to find out what she really was, she and her entire clan would be hunted down as monsters.

William Arundell is on the trail of a killer. Special agent for an arcane branch of the English government, his latest assignment has led him to a remote Highland castle and the undeniably magnetic lady who rules there. Yet as lies begin to unravel and a dark threat gathers, William finds himself drawn deeper and deeper into the mystery of the Highlands...and the woman he can neither trust nor deny.

He prays she isn't the murderer; he never dreamed she was a dragon.

My Thoughts: William Arundel has spent most of his adult life investigating supernatural incidents for the mysterious D Branch. Now his investigation has taken him to the Scottish Highlands where he encounters an isolated village with a mysterious ruling family. Judith MacAlasdair is the one in charge. She is experienced at keeping secrets including the secret that she is a dragon who has lived for more than 200 years.

William is looking for a murderer and finds Judith suspicious but there are other potential suspects in the town from the friend of the doctor's who is a surgeon studying blood to the local man who left to make his fortune and who has now returned home.

I enjoyed the highland setting. I liked the way the relationship between William and Judith grew. And I thought the plot was both interesting and scary. This is the third book in the Highland Dragons series. It stands alone quite well. I would like to read the others so that I can have the complete story, though.

Fans of paranormal romances and dragons will enjoy this story.

Favorite Quote:
Judith hadn't kissed anyone for a long time. She'd clearly forgotten the intensity of it, the way it made the world fade into the background, the heady and terrifying joy of being lost in sensation. But she couldn't believe that she would forget anything like this.
I got this book from the publisher via NetGalley. You can buy your copy here.

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