Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday Memes: Hot Lead, Cold Iron by Ari Marmell

Happy Friday everybody!
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This week I am spotlighting Hot Lead, Cold Iron by Ari Marmell. I bought this one because it was compared to the Dresden Files which is a series I enjoy. Here is the description:
Hot Lead, Cold Iron is the first novel in a brand-new fantasy detective series that will appeal to fans of Rivers of London and The Dresden Files

Chicago, 1932. Mick Oberon may look like just another private detective, but beneath the fedora and the overcoat, he's got pointy ears and he's packing a wand.

Oberon's used to solving supernatural crimes, but the latest one's extra weird. A mobster's daughter was kidnapped sixteen years ago, replaced with a changeling, and Mick's been hired to find the real child. The trail's gone cold, but what there is leads Sideways, to the world of the Fae, where the Seelie Court rules. And Mick's not really welcome in the Seelie Court any more. He'll have to wade through Fae politics and mob power struggles to find the kidnapper – and of course it's the last person he expected.
I really feel that fewer of modern society's bits and pieces are sadder—more banal, I guess—than a big office.
Friday 56:
The amount of bushy white fuzz on his head was unbelievable; on top, on his cheeks and chin, over his blinkers, even coming out of his ears. He was basically a walking dandelion—or a magician who'd gotten his trick wrong, and tried to hide the rabbit in his head.


  1. Now that's some descriptive writing and the blurb is intriguing. Enjoy!

  2. I need to look this one up. Sounds like a winner.

  3. Ooh, love the descriptions....thanks for sharing. Here's mine: “NEVER TELL A LIE”

  4. LOVE the description in the 56! This sounds like a fascinating book.
    My Friday post features MIDDLE-AGED CRAZY.

  5. I like Chicago in the 1930's.


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    My Book Beginnings

  6. I love the sound of this one! I like the mix of historical crime with supernatural. Definitely adding this to my TBR!

  7. I hope the book is more intriguing than the snippets.
    Happy weekend!

  8. LOL I love that character description. Over his blinkers made me laugh out loud. I like the writing already!
    My 56 -


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