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Book Review: The Trouble with Magic by Patricia Rice

The Trouble with Magic
Author: Patricia Rice
Publication: Sourcebooks Casablanca (August 1, 2012)

Description: Is Her Magic a Gift or a Curse...?

All the Malcolms have some magic, but Lady Felicity's ability to read people's emotions simply by touching them or their possessions overwhelms her. She's reached a marriageable age, but how can she ever wed when she can see so clearly a man's guilty secrets?

Only He Can Tell the Difference...

Ewen Ives, itinerant rake and adventurous inventor, knows better than to underestimate the mischief of the Malcolms. But sparks fly when he encounters Felicity, and Ewen can't seem to refuse her plea for assistance...

My Thoughts: This was a very nice historical paranormal romance. Lady Felicity can read other people's emotions when she touches them or something they own. This is very difficult for her and makes it impossible for her to touch anyone or anything. She is determined to find an old book written by one of her ancestors which is supposed to have a cure for her gift. The only thing she knows for sure it that the book was sold to a collector in Scotland over one hundred years ago. She is determined to find it.

She and her sister Christina are on there way to Scotland to visit a couple of her older sisters who are married to Ives brothers when their ship is thrown off course in a storm. They find themselves in an inn which also is hosting Ewen Ives. Ewen is an inventor who travels all around. He is currently in a bad financial position because of an accident at one of the sites he and some other investors had put money into. Ewen feels responsible to rebuild a town when it is washed out when the lock gear he designed gave way. None of the other investors feel any responsibility.

Ewen also feels responsibility for the young ladies who are clearly out of their depth. He certainly didn't plan to fall in love with Felicity. Felicity was certain that her gift would keep her from ever having a relationship with a man. But somehow, she finds Ewen's touch comforting instead of frightening.

I liked the story. I liked the quirky Malcolms with their various psychic gifts. I thought the plot was well done and the romance grew nicely.

Favorite Quote:
Ewen waited for his pulse to slow after they were gone. He knew better than to play with Malcolms. He really did. Any other time he could have locked the tall one in a closet and walked away whistling. But the young one...

It would be like kicking a kitten.

Plague take it, falling short of her expectations would be like telling a child there was no Father Christmas.
I bought this one. You can buy your copy here.

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  1. I've enjoyed this series, and this is one of my favorites in the series!


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