Thursday, May 21, 2015

Book Review: Clockwork Lies: Iron Wind by Dru Pagliassotti

Clockwork Lies: Iron Wind
Author: Dru Pagliassotti
Series: Clockwork Heart, Book 2
Publication: EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing; 1 edition (April 12, 2014)

Description: Taya, the metal-winged icarus whose investigation helped defeat a plot against Ondinium and its populace, is assisting her exalted husband Cristof Forlore on his first ambassadorial mission. They must learn about Mareaux’s experiments in airship technology and determine whether the ostensibly scientific vehicles might be used for warfare — a taboo for Ondiniums, whose domination of the air is tempered by a deep cultural abhorrence toward airborne weapons after the devastation of the Last War a thousand years ago.

My Thoughts: Taya and Cristof are married and the council in wondering what to do with them. Since Taya is interested in the diplomatic corps, the Council decides that Cristoff would make a good ambassador. Their first mission is to Mareaux where Cristoff survives a couple of assassination attempts. It seems that someone is trying to get him out of the way.

There is no shortage of potential enemies. Alzana is casting a greedy eye on Ondinium's wealth. Demicus is divided into clans and a number of them would be willing to ally with Alzana. Ondinium doesn't treat its Demican citizens very well and a rebel party has sprung up which would like to throw the Ondinium's out of their country. Then, there are the Ondinium residents who might be more interested in making money than keeping Ondinium safe.

The story is filled with one hair-raising episode after another from train derailments to kidnapping to stowing away on a train carrying weapons to an unknown destination. Taya and Cristof are put in all sorts of danger and Taya is forced to do many things that are very troubling to her conscience and to her perception of what her country is and what it stands for.

I loved the action and excitement. I loved the description of the inflight battles and the various technologies that are being created or that already exist but that Taya had never heard. of. Since this is the middle book in a trilogy, I am really anxious to find out what lies ahead for Taya and Cristof.

Favorite Quote:
It wasn't that she hadn't known she'd loved him. Of course she'd loved him; she couldn't have put up with him if she hadn't loved him. But theirs wasn't the kinds of grand, destined love affair described in the thick romance novels Cassie bought. The had to work at their marriage with humor and patience. Sometimes, the marriage took a lot of effort.
I bought this one. You can buy your copy here.

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