Saturday, October 24, 2015

Book Review: Banishing the Dark by Jenn Bennett

Banishing the Dark
Author: Jenn Bennett
Series: Arcadia Bell, Book 4
Publication: Pocket Books (May 27, 2014)

Description: In Book Four of the beloved urban fantasy series Romantic Times calls one "for your keeper shelf," the ultimate mother-daughter fight is about to go down.

Complicated does not begin to describe Arcadia Bell's life right now: unnatural magical power, another brush with death, and a murderous mother who's not only overbearing but determined to take permanent possession of Cady's body. Forced to delve deep into the mystery surrounding her own birth, she must uncover which evil spell her parents cast during her conception...and how to reverse it. Fast. As Cady and her lover Lon embark on a dangerous journey through her magical past, Lon's teenage son Jupe sneaks off for his own investigation. Each family secret they uncover is darker than the last, and Cady, who has worn many identities--Moonchild, mage, fugitive--is about to add one more to the list.

My Thoughts: Cady's mother wants to take over her body. In order to save herself, Cady has to rush to find the spell that created her and find a way to reverse it. She also has to keep a secret from her mother that is so big that she and Lon agree to do a memory spell so that even Cady doesn't remember it. Unfortunately, the spell has wiped away her memory of her whole relationship with Lon.

So, here and Cady and Lon rushing to find out more about Cady's past and the spell that created her when Cady thinks that they are little more than strangers and Lon is hiding his deep love for her. And, since Cady is cycling through all the demon Knacks, he is worried that she will learn the secret they are hiding when she gets to the mind reading one. It was fun watching Cady fall in love with Lon all over again as they travel together.

Meanwhile, Jupe isn't going to be left out of finding a way to defeat Cady's mother and getting Cady to become a permanent part of their family. He begins exploring her Magician past and meets a girl who is part of that world who becomes his first girlfriend. He also uncovers substantial clues to help Cady.

Cady and Lon are also trying to track down her past and run into quite a bit of danger when they meet Parson Payne who has a religion based on snakes - big, scary, exotic snakes!

I was very satisfied with the ending of this series. It is definitely going on my keeper shelf.

Favorite Quote:
My mother not only survived, but she'd found a way to tap into me when I was sleeping and  use me as a puppet. Under her control, I'd nearly stabbed Lon with a knife. She swore she'd take over my consciousness and kill everyone I loved. And she was demented enough to try.
I bought this book. You can buy your copy here.

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