Thursday, March 9, 2023

ARC Review: Good Dog, Bad Cop by David Rosefelt

Good Dog, Bad Cop

David Rosefelt
Series: K Team (Book 4)
Publication: Minotaur Books (March 14, 2023)

Description: For the K Team, playing "good dog", "bad cop" is all fun and games... until there's a body on the scene, in the next K Team Novel by bestselling author David Rosenfelt.

The K Team enjoys investigating cold cases for the Paterson Police Department. Corey Douglas, his K-9 partner Simon Garfunkel, Laurie Collins, and Marcus Clark even get to choose which cases they’d like to pursue. When Corey sees the latest list of possibilities, there’s no question which one to look into next.

Corey’s former mentor, Jimmy Dietrich, had his whole identity wrapped up in being a cop. When Jimmy retired three years ago, his marriage quickly deteriorated and he tried–and failed―to get back on the force. Jimmy was left to try to adjust to life as a civilian.

Not long after, two bodies were pulled from the Passaic River. A local woman, Susan Avery, and Jimmy Dietrich. With no true evidence available, the deaths went unsolved and the case declared cold. This didn’t stop the whispers: an affair gone wrong... a murder-suicide committed by Jimmy.

Corey never believed it. With this case, the K Team has the opportunity to find the real murderer, and clear Jimmy’s name. Bestselling author David Rosenfelt returns in Good Dog, Bad Cop, where there’s little to go on, but that won’t stop Paterson, New Jersey’s favorite private investigators from sniffing out the truth.

My Thoughts: The K Team has been hired by the Paterson, New Jersey, police department to work on cold cases. They can choose which case they want to work on. This one is personal for Corey Douglas. Danny Avery, is mentor on the force, was shot in the back of the head on a street in Paterson. A short time later, Jimmy Dietrich, another retired cop, and Danny's wife were found in what looked like a murder-suicide. All of the cases are unsolved. 

The first thing the team decides to do, after reading all the police files, is try to find out why Danny was where he was the night he was shot. Their suspicions lead them to believe that he was watching a local restaurant. Calling on Sam Willis, they determine who was at the restaurant and learn that one of the people who was there was also a murder victim just a short time after Danny was killed. 

And the case isn't nearly cold enough because, after the K Team begins its investigation, someone tries to kill Corey - twice. Luckily, Corey's constant companion his retired police dog Simon Garfunkel was with him and still in top police form. 

As they pursue leads and look into people, their case seems to get more complicated and convoluted than it was when it started. And somehow Homeland Security is taking an interest. 

I really enjoy the tone of these stories. Corey Douglas has an interesting viewpoint and he is the narrator of the book. I like his commitment phobia and love for his canine companion. I like his dogged style of investigation. I like the way he works with his partners Lori Collins and Marcus Clark. 

This was an entertaining and fast-paced story that will filled with twists and turns. 

Favorite Quote:
"Right. I can't think of another reason for Dozier to have been with Gilmore other than that he was part of the conspiracy."

"Conspiracy to do what?"

"Why must you ask questions like that? We were having such a pleasant conversation."
I received this one in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley. You can buy your copy here.

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