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Book Review: The Prince Next Door by Sue Civil-Brown

The Prince Next Door

Sue Civil-Brown
Publication: HQN Books; Original edition (November 15, 2014)

Description: When Serena Gregory's clothing-optional Caribbean cruise fell through at the last minute, the thrill-seeking dermatologist decided that helping Darius Maxwell, her mysterious new neighbor—who might or might not be a crown prince—commit a felony would be a worthwhile alternative. Yes, it would involve clothes—for the most part—but the risk of skin cancer would be drastically reduced. Not to mention she'd be helping to secure the future of an entire European country…that she'd never even heard of.

That's how Serena wound up over her head in trouble when she should have been next to naked in paradise—and risking her career and cold, hard jail time for a man she'd only just met!

My Thoughts: When dermatologist Serena Gregory's "clothing optional" cruise is cancelled, she is left to find some other exciting thing to do during her vacation. Her immediate attention is drawn to her new next-door neighbor Darius Maxwell who may or may not be the Crown Prince of a tiny country in the Pyrenees.

Darius is happy being an art dealer. He has no desire to be tied down in a small, poor country. But his mother who is an excellent schemer very used to trying to run her son's life wants him to take the job. In fact, she schemes with the delegates at the embassy in Tampa to convice her son that she has been kidnapped in order to force his hand. 

Darius has a plan. There is a painting from the 1500s that shows all the family trees in the country and could prove that he is not the prince they are looking for. The painting is in storage at a local museum. He plans to borrow it so that he can get a good look at it and prove his claim.

Serena is all in. After all, what could be more exciting than committing a felony? They recruit a band of quirky characters to aid them and begin planning. But others - including Darius's mother - have plots and plans of their own.

This was very much a slapstick heist story with some romance woven in. It was a nice romance.

Favorite Quote: 
"Aren't you worried about n=her?" Ariel asked.

"Ha! the only person who worries about my mother is God, and that's only because she wants His job. No, I'm not worried about my mother. Not by a long shot."
I bought this one sometime before 2008. You can buy your copy here.

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