Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday Break Reading Challenge Activity 11: 2010 Challenges

I am either getting carried away on this blogging thing or losing my mind. I am planning to take part in 6 reading challenges in 2010.

Here they are:

The 2010 Young Adult Reading Challenge hosted at J. Kaye's Book Blog. I chose this one because as a Media Specialist in a High School I need to know about Young Adult books (and I like them too.)

The next three are very closely related. I think that I can count the same books for all three of them. They all deal with getting books off of my massive TBR pile.

The Bottoms Up 2010 Reading Challenge is hosted by Ellz Readz.

2010 TBR Challenge hosted by MizB's and RYOB (Read Your Own Books) also hosted by MizB's

The next challange also will help my TBR pile but this one is the pile on my Kindle. Royal Reviews is hosting the 2010 E Book Challenge.

And, last but not least and to remember that I like to re-read books, I am participating in the Flashback Challenge at Booklust.

I have created separate posts for each of these challenges and will be keeping track of what I read for each challenge by editing the posts I think.

These ought to keep me busy in 2010.


  1. I'm participating in the Flashback Challenge and the E Book Challenge. Thanks for sharing about the Bottoms Up Challenge. I'll have to think about that one.

  2. I'm jealous of the E Book Challenge. I seriously considered a Kindle or Nook for Christmas but settled for an Ipod. Maybe for my birthday:-) Would love to here your thoughts on an ebook reader.


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