Friday, December 18, 2009

Wordle Books Ads

My sixth graders and I are creating Wordle Books Ads for our favorite books from the Media Center.

The idea for the books ads comes from Amy Oberts and Anita Beeman who have an excellent wiki named Reading 2.0 which is filled with good ideas to connect books and technology.

Coincidentally, the sixth graders are also studying proportion in math class this week. Proportion plays a big part in making a successful wordle for the book ad.

Here are wordle book ads for a few of the books I have read and enjoyed lately.

The students projects will decorate our Media Center and be featured on our sixth grade wiki when they are completed. I hope this will happen before we go on our Christmas Break. I'll be seeing each class just two more times before Break so we will have to get busy to get this accomplished.


  1. Oh, that's really clever.

    And I have seen the Sarah Prineas book around lately, and am very tempted to check it out!



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