Saturday, December 5, 2009

In My Mailbox (Dec. 6)

This is a weekly posting that was started courtesy of Kristi at The Story Siren. If is fun to see what others are receiving and presumably reading.

This week I added a few to my Kindle and just one print book.

My print book this week was Demon Bound by Kaitlin Kittredge. Here is what the jacket says: Thirteen jears ago, Jack Winter lay dying in a graveyard. Jack called upon a demon and traded his soul for his life...and now the demon is back to collect its due. But Jack has finally found something to live for. Her name is Pete Caldwell -- and because of her, Jack's not going to Hell without a fight. Pete doesn't know about Jack's bargain, but she does know that something bigger and far more dangerous than Jack's demon is growing in the Black. Old gods are stirring and spirits are rising -- and Jack doesn't stand a chance of stopping them without Pete's help... I read the first in the series and enjeyed that story. It is a gritty urban fantasy with tough characters and an interesting world.

I also added books to my Kindle this week. These I paid for:

Someone blogged about Three Days of Dead  by Kelly Meding (wish I could remember who) and the information was intriguing. When I saw it was available for my Kindle, I decided to give it a try.

Born of Ice by Sherilyn Kenyon is the third League novel that I have on my Kindle. I haven't read either of the others yet. I was waiting to see if the series finished.

If Looks Could Chill by Nina Bruhns was also talked about on a blog. Again, the blurb was intriguing and I decided to give it a try.

I also added a couple of free books to my Kindle. I like the ability to do this. Usually, the free books are the first in a series and give the reader a taste. I'm sure they are hoping that, after reading the first, you will feel compelled to buy the rest.

I got Wit'ch Fire (The Banned and the Banished, Book 1) by James Clemens and Already Dead by Charlie Huston.

That was it for me this week. What did you get?


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