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ARC Review: Black Star Renegades by Michael Moreci

Black Star Renegades
Author: Michael Moreci
Series: Black Star Renegades (Book 1)
Publication: St. Martin's Press (January 2, 2018)

Description: In the tradition of Star Wars, a galaxy-hopping space adventure about a galactic kingdom bent on control and the young misfit who must find the power within before it’s too late.

Cade Sura holds the future of the galaxy in his hands: the ultimate weapon that will bring total peace. He didn’t ask for it, he doesn’t want it, and there’s no worse choice to wield it in all of space, but if he doesn’t, everyone’s totally screwed. The evil Praxis kingdom is on the cusp of having every star system under its control, and if that happens, there’ll be no contesting their cruel reign. Especially if its fanatical overlord, Ga Halle, manages to capture Cade and snag the all-powerful weapon for herself.

Cade can’t hide from Praxis, and he can’t run from the destiny that’s been shoved into his hands. So he only has one option:

He has to fight.

Cade’s not going to let destiny send him on a suicide run, though. With some help from his friends―rebels and scoundrels alike―Cade’s going to use this weapon to chart a new destiny for the galaxy, and for himself.

He just has to do so before everyone around him discovers that he’s a complete and total fraud.

Blending the space operatics of Star Wars and the swagger of Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Star Renegades is a galaxy-hopping adventure that blasts its way from seedy spacer bars to sacred temples guarded by deadly creatures―all with a cast of misfit characters who have nowhere to go and nothing to lose.

My Thoughts: BLACK STAR RENEGADES is a homage to STAR WARS and comic books. Cade Sura and his brother were orphans rescued from a lawless planet and taken to be trained as Rai - peacekeepers - because there rescuer felt that one of them could be the new Paragon and control an ancient weapon which was supposed to bring peace to the universe.

Peace was very much needed since Ga Halle, the self-appointed queen of the Praxis empire, was bent and conquering the galaxy and bending it to her will. The organization that trained Cade was supposed to be her opposition but was strangely ineffective.

Cade was sure that his brother Tristan was the one destined to be the new paragon but he was killed by an agent of Ga Halle soon after recovering the mystery weapon leaving Cade to manage it and become the new paragon - a position he felt unworthy of and that he didn't want.

Cade gathers a few other rebels to the existing order: Kira who was a pilot at the Well, Mig who was a childhood frenemy who was also an electronic genius, and Mig's friend 4Qel who was a fighting droid. These four unlikely heroes need to find a way to destroy the Praxis empire's War Hammer which sucks the energy out of suns and kills their attached planets. They also need to find a way to gather all the various rebel factions to defeat the Praxis empire.

The story was fast-paced and visual but there wasn't much character development. Cade cycled through self-doubt and self-confidence. He also couldn't decide if he should try to destroy the mystery weapon and run off to hide or stay a fight a battle he doesn't think he can win.

Fans of STAR WARS and space operas will enjoy this story but, be advised, it ends with something of a cliffhanger.

Favorite Quote:
There could be a lot of ways to describe Cade -- underachiever, troublemaker, undisciplined. But for all his flaws, there were still a few things Cade had going for him. One such thing, salient to this moment with Kira, was his prowess as an accomplished liar. He could talk his way out of just about any situation, he could connive and cajole to get things he wanted, and, because of that, he could detect his own.
I received this one in exchange for an honest review from . You can buy your copy here.

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  1. Hm. I requested this one from Netgalley and still haven't heard whether I'm going to be approved - given how close the publication date is, I'm guessing I won't get it. I like the premise, but not thrilled about the cliffhanger ending. Many thanks for a great review. My TT this week is the continuation of a really successful space opera series -


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