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Book Review: Murder in the Crypt by Irina Shapiro

Murder in the Crypt

Irina Shapiro
Series: A Redmond and Haze Mystery (Book 1)
Publication: Merlin Press LLC (February 4, 2020)

Description: When the body of a young man is found stuffed into the tomb of a medieval knight, Parish Constable Daniel Haze is tasked with investigating his first solo murder case. Suspicion instantly falls on the only stranger to arrive in the village of Birch Hill just before the crime took place, but the American captain proves to be an unexpected asset. A former soldier and a skilled surgeon, Jason Redmond is not only willing to assist Haze with the investigation but will risk his own safety to apprehend the killer.

With no suspects, no motive, and few leads to follow, Redmond and Haze must solve the crime before one of them becomes the murderer’s next victim.

Murder in the Crypt is the exciting first installment of this Victorian murder mystery series set in a quaint British village.

My Thoughts: This book introduces the crime solving duo of Jason Redmond and Daniel Haze. Haze is a village constable who had a past as a London bobby but returned home at his wife's request after the death of their child. Redmond is a Civil War veteran who spent time in Andersonville and who is a doctor. He has recently inherited property and a title from his British grandfather.

When Haze comes to Redmond's home to ask questions after a murder is discovered in the local church's crypt, the two begin a partnership. Redmond acts as a medical examiner and, his curiosity aroused, helps investigate the crime. The two have an interesting partnership as their social classes let them investigate all levels of society. 

I enjoyed the investigation. But most of all I enjoyed learning about these two well-rounded characters. Haze is dealing with a very depressed wife. And Redmond is dealing with the trauma of having been a brutalized prisoner of war. Redmond has a young ward who was also in Andersonville after being a drummer boy for his dead father's company. 

Set in 1866, this was an engaging mystery with interesting characters. It is the first of a twelve-book series. 

Favorite Quote:
The English viewed Americans with suspicion and thought them to be uncultured, unmannered, and generally rough around the edges, whereas Americans saw England's upper crust as an elitist group who valiantly clung to the past, looking down their noses at anyone who didn't share their arcane values, and would generally do well to remove the stick from their collective ass.
I bought this one from BookBub for $.99. You can buy your copy here.

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