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Audiobook: A Rising Thunder by David Weber

A Rising Thunder
Author: David Weber
Series: Honor Harrington Book 13
Narrator: Allyson Johnson
Publication: Audible Studios (March 6, 2012)
Length: 17 hours and 56 minutes

Description: Peril and strife strike on a double front for Honor Harrington and company. After a brutal attack on the Manticoran home system, Honor Harrington has rooted out a plan designed to enslave the entire human species. Behind that plan lies the shadowy organization known as the Mesan Alignment. Task number one for Honor is to shut down and secure the wormhole network that is the source of the Star Kingdom's wealth and power—but also its greatest vulnerability. Yet this is an act that the ancient and corrupt Earth-based Solarian League inevitably takes as a declaration of war.

The thunder of battle rolls as the Solarian League directs its massive power against the Star Kingdom. And once again, Honor Harrington is thrust into a desperate battle that she must win if she is to survive to take the fight to the real enemy of galactic freedom—the insidious puppetmasters of war who lurk behind the Mesan Alignment!

My Thoughts: This episode stresses the growing conflict between the Solarian League and Manticore and its allies. It also tells more about the goals and plans of the Mesan Alliance and the various smaller schemes that are leading toward their master plan.

After the Mesan Alliance's sneak attack on the Manticoran home world, the Solarian League decides this will be a great time for them to attack the Manticoran home world. After all, they are sure that even though Manticore might have better technology, they were hurt enough that the playing field is leveled. 

Unfortunately for the Solarian League, information brought back from Mesa by Victor Cachat and Anton Zilwicki is compelling enough to prove the existence of the Mesan Alliance and convinces Haven and Manticore to finally end the long war that was subtly encouraged by that same Mesan Alliance. Their new treaty provides for mutaal military assistance and spells doom for any Solarian League fleet that might appear.

The Solarian commander comes to believe in this superiority and is willing to surrender but the Mesans have allowed for that by infecting his tactical officer with one of their assassin nanobots. This results in almost the total destruction of the invading fleet which the behind-the-scenes actual rulers of the Solarian League are desperate to spin as a positive for them.

But cracks are forming in the Solarian League which is also a Mesan Alliance plan. With Manticore stifling trade through their control of many of the wormhole junctions and bridges, the League is in growing financial trouble. And some of it member star systems are also thinking about withdrawing from the League led by Manticore's long-time ally Beowulf. 

This was an engaging episode in this long-running series. 

I bought this one. You can buy your copy here.

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