Thursday, December 24, 2020

Book and Audio Review: Cast in Fury by Michelle Sagara

Cast in Fury

Michelle Sagara
Narrator: Khristine Hvam
Series: Chronicles of Elantra (Book 4)
Publication: MIRA; First Time Paperback Edition (June 13, 2016); Audible Release Date: November 8, 2011

Description: When a minority race of telepaths is suspected of causing a near-devastating tidal wave, Private Kaylin Neya is summoned to Court—and into a PR nightmare. To ease racial tensions, the emperor has commissioned a play, and the playwright has his own ideas about who should be the focus…

But Kaylin works her best magic behind the scenes, and though she tries to stay neutral, she is again drawn into a world of politics…and murder. To make matters worse, Marcus, her trusted sergeant, gets stripped of his command, leaving Kaylin vulnerable. Now she's juggling two troubling cases, and even magic's looking good by comparison. But then nobody ever said life in the theater was easy…

My Thoughts: This episode begins with Kaylin seconded to the Imperial playright because of her familiarity with the Tha'alani. The Emperor wants the playright to write a play to make the rest of the citizens of Elantra fear the Tha'alani less. They are pretty scary because they can read minds and ferret out anyone human's secrets. Of course, doing so is painful for them and not something they would ever choose to do.

Since Kaylin has recently gotten over her fear of the Tha'alani when she learned more about their history, she is the ideal candidate for this job. Or she would be if she didn't resent the fact that this job keeps her from investigating when Marcus Kassan - her Leontine Sargeant and who adopted her into his pridelea when she was an orphan child hanging around the Hawks - is accused of murder and jailed.

This book lets us get to know a lot more about the Leontines. It has to do with their history and their creation story. It also has to do with a baby that Kaylin helped deliver that everyone wants dead. Kaylin has a thing for babies and isn't going to let anyone kill an innocent baby no matter what danger he potentially poses.

The story is filled with tension and action and battles with evil forces. It is also an opportunity for Kaylin to learn more about herself.

The narration by Khristine Hvam was excellent and well paced. I loved her distinct voices for each character and they way she made them come to life. 

Favorite Quote:
We all want things for our children that we could not or did not have. And we try, and we're not perfect, and we can't always get it right. But when we fail, what do we do?
I bought this one. You can buy your copy here.

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