Friday, December 4, 2020

Friday Memes: Cast in Shadow by Michelle Sagara

 Happy Friday everybody!

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Black circles under her eyes were not, Kaylin decided, a very attractive statement. Neither was hair matted with old sweat, or eyes red with lack of sleep. She accepted the fact that on this particular morning, mirrors were not going to be her friend.

Friday 56: 
In fact the only intimidating thing in this room was the fieflord himself. Unfortunately, he was the only thing that needed to be intimidating. He ware a lot of black. And a smile.
This week I am spotlighting a reread. Cast in Shadow by Michelle Sagara was originally published in 2005. It is the first in a series that has grown to 15 books. I know that it has been on my stack since before 2008. It was brought back to my attention when I read The Emperor's Wolves by Michelle Sagara which is a spinoff/prequel to that book. Here is the description from Amazon:
Book 1 in the Chronicles of Elantra fantasy series by New York Times bestselling author Michelle Sagara

Seven years ago Kaylin fled the crime-riddled streets of Nightshade, knowing that something was after her. Children were being murdered—and all had the same odd markings that mysteriously appeared on her own skin.…

Since then, she's learned to read, she's learned to fight and she's become one of the vaunted Hawks who patrol and police the City of Elantra. Alongside the winged Aerians and the immortal Barrani, she's made a place for herself, far from the mean streets of her birth.

But children are once again dying, and a dark and familiar pattern is emerging. Kaylin is ordered back into Nightshade with a partner she knows she can't trust, a Dragon lord for a companion and a device to contain her powers—powers that no other human has. Her task is simple—find the killer, stop the murders…and survive the attentions of those who claim to be her allies!


  1. Sounds like a page turner! Happy weekend!

  2. I would agree that makeup under the eyes is not a very impressive statement. Ha! My Friday Quotes from The Blind Assassin

  3. This sounds like one I would really enjoy. I will have to check it out. I hope it is as good for you in the rereading as it was the first time around. Have a great week!


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