Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Book and Audio Review: Cast in Secret by Michelle Sagara

Cast in Secret

Michelle Sagara
Narrator: Khristine Hvam
Series: Chronicles of Elantra Book 3
Publication: MIRA; First Time Paperback Edition (June 13, 2016); Audible Release date: November 30, 2011

Description: Still avoiding her magic lessons—yet using her powers when need be—Private Kaylin Neya is relishing investigating a regular theft once again. That is, until she finds out the mysterious box was taken from Elani Street, where the mages and charlatans mingle and it's sometimes difficult to tell the difference between the two. Still, she hopes this might be a mundane case…

Then in a back room, Kaylin sees a lost-looking girl in a reflective pool…who calls out for Kaylin's help.

Shaken, Kaylin tries to stay focused on the case at hand. But since the stolen item is ancient, has no keyhole and holds tremendous darkness inside, Kaylin knows unknown forces are again playing with her destiny—and her life…

My Thoughts: Private Kaylin Neya has a thing for children. When she sees the reflection of a young girl in a pool in Evanton's secret garden, she has to try to rescue her while trying to locate a missing reliquary that was the reason Evanton called for the Hawks in the first place. Then a young child from the Tha'alani also goes missing and Kaylin is certain that the two cases are connected. 

In order to rescue the missing Tha'alani child, Kaylin has to learn much more about magic than she would like. She has spent years trying to ignore the strange magic that appears as writing on her body. But Kaylin has to deal with the Elements - especially Water - and a missing Arcanist who spent years experimenting on the Tha'alani with the Emperor's approval and who really wants to continue his work despite the fact that his experiments were terminated and he is being hunted by the wolves.

This is a richly complex fantasy set in a wonderfully detailed world. I really enjoyed learning more about the Tha'alani and their history. I also enjoyed watching Kaylin learn more about her strange powers and the world she lives in. 

The narration by Khristine Hvan was excellent. She has a great sense of pacing and a way of making each character's voice distinct.

Favorite Quote:
It seemed to Kaylin that magic was one way of breaking all natural law. Maybe that was why she, Hawk at heart, hated magic so much. It couldn't be pinned down, and analysis was so much guesswork. How could something be just a tool - as the Hawklord often tried to call magic - when it was so unpredictable and wild?
I bought this one. Elan.

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