Thursday, December 31, 2020

Book and Audio Review: Cast in Silence by Michelle Sagara

Cast in Silence

Michelle Sagara
Narrator: Khristine Hvam
Series: Chronicles of Elantra Book 5
Publication: MIRA; First Time Paperback Edition (October 17, 2016)
Length: 17 hours and 5 minutes; 545 pages

Description: A member of the elite Hawk force that protects the City of Elantra, Kaylin Neya has sacrificed much to earn the respect of the winged Aerians and immortal Barrani she works alongside. But the mean streets she escaped as a child aren't the ones she's vowed to give her life guarding. Those were much darker…

Kaylin's moved on with her life—and is keeping silent about the shameful things she's done to stay alive. But when the city's oracles warn of brewing unrest in the outer fiefdoms, a mysterious visitor from Kaylin's past casts her under a cloud of suspicion. Thankfully, if she's anything, she's a survivor…

My Thoughts: This story sees Kaylin, Severn and Tiamaris traveling into the fiefs. We learn, in a series of flashbacks, about the six months Kaylin spent in the fief of Barren after leaving Nightshade but before she crossed the river into the City. We learn that she came to the City to assassinate the Hawklord at the orders of Barren. But the Hawklord made her an offer closer to her heart working for justice instead of revenge.

They are sent into the fiefs because the ferals and other monsters are becoming more common and there is fear that the towers that are supposed to protect against them are failing. They find monsters and they find a tower almost abandoned. They also learn that Barren isn't actually the fief lord because he hasn't been accepted by the tower.

A magical storm forces Kaylin, Severn and Tiamaris into the tower where they need to face tests before they can leave. They find themselves moved back in time before the fiefs were so overrun with ferals. There they meet a much younger Nightshade who has not yet taken over his fief. It is during Kaylin's tests that we learn the most about her time in Barren. But Tiamaris also faces a number of tests when he decides to claim the fief and has to defeat the current fieflord who is a Barrani who has given up his name. 

This story had a lot of interesting things about the fiefs and how they are controlled. It has some things about Kaylin's magic as she gradually learns more about the marks on her body and even about the Ancient Ones who are now the only ones who can read those mysterious marks. 

I enjoyed this new visit to the world of Elantra. It is always intriguing to see what problems Kaylin will have next. Watching her grow and become more self aware is always a pleasure. 

Favorite Quote:
"Stop judging your life only by the failures," he whispered.

"What should I do?" she whispered. "I'm always going to fail,"

"We all do," he said softly, his voice closer now. "We all fail. but none of us fail all of the time."
I bought this one. You can buy your copy here.

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