Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Book Review: Midnight Betrayal by Melinda Leigh

Midnight Betrayal
Author: Melinda Leigh
Publication: Montlake Romance (September 2, 2014)

Description: Curator Dr. Louisa Hancock left behind Maine and her troubled past for Philadelphia and a job at a prominent museum. Just when it seems that Louisa’s new life is safe from her dark secrets, the body of a museum intern is found—the victim of a brutal and baffling murder.

Louisa realizes this is no random crime. And when another intern goes missing, the abduction is linked to the only man who has ever tempted Louisa’s heart—Conor Sullivan, the sexy owner of a Philly sports bar. Louisa’s past has taught her to be wary, but her heart refuses to believe Conor is guilty.

Now Conor and Louisa must dodge a police investigation—and their growing desire—as they race to find the real killer before another girl turns up dead. But trusting Conor could be deadly, especially as the evidence against him mounts…and as a merciless killer targets Louisa as the next victim.

My Thoughts: Doctor Louisa Hancock thought that she had left her problems behind in Maine when she moved to Philadelphia but it looks like someone is killing young interns at this museum too. When another intern goes missing and Conor Sullivan is implicated, Louisa knows he didn't do it. They had met in Maine but it was a "wrong time, wrong place" relationship. Now that they are together in Philadelphia, it is the right time but being involved in a murder investigation isn't an ideal time to start a romance.

Both Louisa and Conor are wary of romance because of incidents in their past. Trust and open communication doesn't come easy to either of them. I did like watching love overcome their problems.

The mystery was well-done with lots of possible suspects for me to ponder. The chapters from the villain's point of view were quite chilling. The story had lots of suspenseful scenes and some quite humorous ones too.

I was a big fan of Conor's tough exterior and marshmallow interior. His need to help those who are helpless - from the college girl with the drunken boyfriend to the pit bull that had been abused - really showed his character. The abused dog and the problems surrounding her added depth and more danger to the story.

This was a great romance and wonderful thriller too.

Favorite Quote:
He stood and held out a hand. She took it and let him help her to her feet. Wrapping an arm around her, he took some of her weight as she hobbled to the bedroom. Her knees must have stiffened as she sat. "But I'm warning you now. I get hot. I'll probably end up taking off my shirt."

Her body shook in a silent laugh. "I'll try to control myself."

Kirra beat them to the bed, curling up in the exact center of the duvet.

Conor stretched out on the bed and picked up the remote. "If you get too warm, feel free to take yours off. I won't be offended."

"That's kind of you to offer." She chuckled, easing onto the mattress.
I got this book from the author in exchange for my review. You can buy your copy here.

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