Sunday, February 10, 2008

Thing 14: LibraryThing

I started a LibraryThing a while ago when one of my favorite Science Fiction authors talked about it on their blog. Of course, when I went back to it now I couldn't remember my user name or login. I know I didn't add too many books at the time. I have thousands in my home library.

So I didn't feel too bad when I started over this time. I paid the fee to be a lifetime member and ordered the CueCat scanner. My goal now is just to get all of my To Be Read piles entered. I'll tackle the ones I have already read some time in the future. I put the LibraryThing widget on my blog page too. It is interesting to see who else has the same books I do (and how they tagged and reviewed them). Since I'm beginning with books I haven't read yet, I didn't do any reviews or comments.

I like Brook Berg's account where she adds the books she has read and includes in the Comments section other books that a person might like. That would also be a good option for our High School Media Center. I'm always reading and recommending books. This would help my "failing" memory when someone asks me about a book I read. I added a few groups that I was interested in too. Now I just have to remember to check to see if they are talking about anything I need to know or want to comment on.

I can see starting an account for my school for the new books. I can put the LibraryThing widget on my New Books page of my Media Center website too.

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