Saturday, February 16, 2008

Thing 22: What Did I Learn Today? - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

My paraprofessionals and I have a running joke that we need to learn one new thing a day. The comment is usually -- "OK. That's my new thing of the day. Can I go home now?" It is especially amusing if it happens before 8 AM. But the truth is, when you are working with students and staff in a school media center, there are new things to learn every few minutes.

Learning the new thing is easy. Remembering and applying the new thing is the hard part. I already had many of the sites listed in this thing in my Bloglines account. Today I added a few more. It often takes an effort like the 23 Things on a Stick project to provide the incentive to break out of the usual day-to-day activities.

I have enjoyed the opportunity to explore new technologies and to think of ways that I can bring them to my program to better serve the staff and students who are my patrons.

I knew about LIbraryThing before 23 Things on a Stick but hadn't thought of using it for my Media Center. Now we have a growing list of good books there. I am excited to explore the possibilities of Google Docs and Zoho with my students too. Again I knew of Google Docs but hadn't done anything with it.

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