Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thing 17: ELM Productivity Tools

Gale/Cengage Learning
I created a RSS feed in my Bloglines account from the Gale Professional Collection to keep track of new articles written about Reading Interests--Analysis. That is a topic that I want to keep current on. It wasn't quite as easy as the Quicktime video showed but it was almost that easy. The hardest part was making the subject specific enough that I didn't end up with hundreds of articles in my feed.

I already had a personal account on EBSCO (though it took a little while to remember what my user name and password were). I had never created a web page before. I created one about Teens and Reading since encouraging reading is a goal at our HS this year. I'm just not sure what to do with the webpage after I create and save it.

I had previously used my account to set up email alerts so that I would know when a new issue of a magazine I wanted to read was available. Now I have used my RSS aggregator to set up the magazines as feeds.

This was the ELM database that I used the least. Creating and saving a search was easy. I'm still not sure what use this would be for me. Students though could create searches and email them to themselves at home on occasions when they had time to locate articles but not read them.

I hadn't done anything with NetLibrary until today. Now I have added a link to it on my website and gushed about it to a Business teacher who happened to walk into the Media Center while I was exploring it. This could be very useful for our high school students and staff. The notes feature will be really useful.

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  1. What is the web page called and where is it located? Perhaps we can link it to the reading club web page and the students could get involved with it. Let me know.


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