Monday, February 4, 2008

Thing 9: Online Collaboration Tools

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I liked using Google more. The tools seemed easier to find. I set up accounts in both places so that I can try them more fully later. I'm still not sure that I get the whole collaboration thing. I made changes and saved the changes. But what if I want to revert to the original document? One thing I liked about Google were the tabs. It was nice to see who made the changes and when. It was nice to be able to revert to the original version with Google. I didn't that option with Zoho. I would choose Google for later uses mainly because of the Revisions tab.

I'm not sure that I'm seeing any library uses (in a one-person media center) but I can see a number of educational uses as students work on group projects. I'll have to ask the staff I work with if they are aware of these tools and if they use them.

I have created a spreadsheet at Google Docs for book recommendations. If I did this correctly, readers should be able to add data. (I know it will let me add data anyway.) Please let me know about the best book you have read lately.

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